Somali Voice, is a registered non-profit organization founded by a team of Somali scholars and professionals to provide strategic research, education, consultation, and training for social, economic and environmental change. It is tailored to build the research and analytical skills of the next generation of movement leaders. Our role has established partnerships with technical assistance groups supporting youth organizing throughout Turkey, North America and Europe. We also conduct research and develop trainings for community-based youth organizations and projects around the country.


December 15th, 2019|0 Comments

Dhamaaan dad weynaha ku nool Turkiga gaar ahaan Istanbul waxaa laga codsanaya in ay ka soo qeyb galaan muxaadara ciwaankeedu yahay "Nolo Farxad Badan". Kasoo qeyb galkiinu waa muhiim. Mahadsanidiin.

Somali Voice Organization organized a discussion panel

April 25th, 2019|0 Comments

Somali Voice Organization organized a discussion panel. The panel hosted speakers from Benadir University as listed below: Prof/Dr Osman Mohamoud Dufle Prof/Dr Mohamed Mohamoud Hassan(Dr Biday) Prof/Dr Ahmed Yusuf Guuleed Prof.Dr Hassan Haji Mohamed Shure

Who We Are

Our mission is to inspire, inform and involve citizens in the public arena on behalf of all, especially the vulnerable.

Our Goals:

  • => To inspire and motivate citizens about the genuine difference their involvement can make
  • => Assist our communities in re-establishing and sustaining education in many sectors and research centers
  • => To inform citizens about key issues and problems impacting the vulnerable
  • => To support active involvement in the public arena (politics, government, academia and the media)
  • => To provide opportunities for action on behalf of the vulnerable
  • => Practical protection now and long-term resolution to the root causes of the problems the vulnerable face
  • => To encourage individuals to multiply their impact by sharing their enthusiasm for the movement with others