Funding or finance is a very serious issue we must address with caution to build the trust of the public. We must also appreciate that the weapon used against the masses of this great country is the control of the economic power and deprivation of the masses access to wealth. The situation will continue to deteriorate to a situation where the economic power and poverty will make it impossible for citizens to live.

Our ability to appreciate our determination at improving our democratic system and institutions may be perceived with distrust. As long as we fail to take actions and necessary steps at addressing these problems, the political class will continue to loot the treasury of the country at the detriment of the citizens.

We are very mindful of the perception of the public to fund raising for projects of this nature in a country like SOMALIA. To succeed, we need so much of funding for publicity and enlightenment campaigns to the grass root. This will no doubt cost some huge sums of money. As an organization our financial need is more of publicity in the print and electronic media. Consequently we have resolved to seek for the assistance of Somalis in this regard.

If you will like to assist this organization we would appreciate it in no small measure. We however do not need you to give us financial support directly. We have opened a sub-bank account in the name of the various media organizations with a commercial bank in Somalia. You can decide which of the media houses account you want to support. Monies paid into this account can only be issued by the respective media organization.

We are therefore appealing to the Somalis public and in particular youths to see this project as the only hope at addressing our social political and economic problems and donate a minimum of 1$ (One $). We know times are hard, but our failure to support this project NOW means we would continue in the same situation and allow the same political class continues to reap us off.

We thank you for the trust in us and wish to assure you that we would do all possible to protect your interest in the next general election. You also need to encourage other Somalis to donate to this course at sanitizing our democratic system. With 40% of Somalis believing in us and contributing towards this project and our collective will for a change we would defeat those who have held us hostage over the years.

Thank you for the confidence and trust in us.