The Somali Voice (SV) will require the services of resource persons as professionals and consultants. As part of our legislative skill and knowledge development all elected candidates on the platform of the SV will be trained on legislative practices before proclamation of the national assembly or resumption of office.

They will be exposed to bills that deem urgent and appropriate for legislation on our quest at building a stronger institution in Somalia.  We would, therefore, require the service professionals in various fields of life. If you would like to assist us in this regard as your contribution towards the nation building, we would appreciate if you could please complete the registration form.

Who We Are

Our mission is to inspire, inform and involve citizens in the public arena on behalf of all, especially the vulnerable.

Our Goals:

  • => To inspire and motivate citizens about the genuine difference their involvement can make
  • => Assist our communities in re-establishing and sustaining education in many sectors and research centers
  • => To inform citizens about key issues and problems impacting the vulnerable
  • => To support active involvement in the public arena (politics, government, academia and the media)
  • => To provide opportunities for action on behalf of the vulnerable
  • => Practical protection now and long-term resolution to the root causes of the problems the vulnerable face
  • => To encourage individuals to multiply their impact by sharing their enthusiasm for the movement with others