The core values of Organization of “Somali Voice” define the beliefs and values that we hope will center the actions of our leadership, our employees, members and alumni as we pursue our collective vision. These values guide our actions, reflect our culture and drive our performance. Our core values are an integral part of our culture and we aspire to live up to them in all that we do.

Leadership and Teamwork

We strive to develop and become leaders who can realize excellence and equity. We establish bold visions and invest others in working towards them. We operate with a sense of possibility, persevere in the face of challenges, ensure alignment between our actions and beliefs, and assume personal responsibility for results. We value and care about each other, operate with a generosity of spirit, and have fun in the process of working together.

Discipline, Respect and Humility

We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others, and we recognize our own limitations. We are committed to partnering effectively with families, schools, and communities to ensure that our work advances the broader benefits for all youth in Somalia. Our officers and members are constantly encouraged to obey laid down rules within and outside the organization in all activities, functions and pursuits. They are respectful of elders and of each other.

Integrity and Accountability

We apply the highest standards of integrity in dealings with all members. Integrity is crucial in everything done by “Somali Voice”.

Transparency and Independence

We accept responsibility for our actions and strive to report our work to all members. We will perform in a manner at all times that makes us accountable, responsible, and answerable to our leaders and other members as well as external organizations. “Somali-Voice” shall not be affiliated to political parties and shall be independent of governments. No organization, donor or institution shall exert its vision on our work, and therefore we shall remain an independent organization.

Who We Are

Our mission is to inspire, inform and involve citizens in the public arena on behalf of all, especially the vulnerable.

Our Goals:

  • => To inspire and motivate citizens about the genuine difference their involvement can make
  • => Assist our communities in re-establishing and sustaining education in many sectors and research centers
  • => To inform citizens about key issues and problems impacting the vulnerable
  • => To support active involvement in the public arena (politics, government, academia and the media)
  • => To provide opportunities for action on behalf of the vulnerable
  • => Practical protection now and long-term resolution to the root causes of the problems the vulnerable face
  • => To encourage individuals to multiply their impact by sharing their enthusiasm for the movement with others