Vision & Mission

//Vision & Mission

The Somali Voice (SV) is aimed to enhance social development through various projects that focus on educational programs through research, consultancy, vocational training such as nursing, medical laboratory technicians, teachers, agricultural technicians, electricians, information technology. It provides support community services that aimed to overcome poverty through socioeconomic empowerment projects. At the same time undertake developmental programs for youth and to build a network of youth communities that work together to meet diverse needs and bridge talents with opportunities that promote self-sufficiency and can be of great contribute to society in general to their full capacities.

Somali Voice’s mission is to have the community that wants to participate and contribute to realising their dreams to serve as a guiding star for their societies with diverse culture and inculcating nurtured values that include:

  • Promoting community development in Somalia.
  • Engaging research development activities.
  • Assembling discussion and dialogue among Somali youth.
Our Vision is to enlighten communities on how to tackle pre-determined future problems such as poverty, insecurity, corruption, greedy, illiteracy, and health disparities.

  • Empowering youth to participate social, political and economic development in Somalia.
  • Encouraging formal and non-formal education with the young generation.
  • Collaboration with a number of national and international organizations.