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Dhamaaan dad weynaha ku nool Turkiga gaar ahaan Istanbul waxaa laga codsanaya in ay ka soo qeyb galaan muxaadara ciwaankeedu yahay "Nolo Farxad Badan". Kasoo qeyb galkiinu waa muhiim. Mahadsanidiin.

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Somali Voice Organization organized a discussion panel

Somali Voice Organization organized a discussion panel. The panel hosted speakers from Benadir University as listed below: Prof/Dr Osman Mohamoud Dufle Prof/Dr Mohamed Mohamoud Hassan(Dr Biday) Prof/Dr Ahmed Yusuf Guuleed Prof.Dr Hassan Haji Mohamed Shure

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The Somali Voice Organization has awarded the honorary title to the TADD, thanking their assistance for the Somali people.

TADD is a Somali Voice partner.

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─░KHLAS FOUNDATION ASSOCIATES’S ASSISTANCE TO SOMALIA with the help of Somali Voice Organization.

In particular, donations from Somalia philanthropists, whose drought has reached incredible proportions this year, continue.

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