It is very unfortunate that successive government in Somalia have been building individuals and not strong institutions. This is done deliberately to protect the crime they have committed and enabled their successor in government to continue to loot the treasury of the nation while the citizens wallow in poverty. As a result, Somalis should not expect elites, who have held the nation to ransom to build these institutions for them. In most cases, the successive government gives a public impression that the government is reforming these institutions by providing pieces of equipment, training officials, and upward review of their salaries. These are no reformations; they are compensations and appeals to the various institutions. The question is how then do we reform these institutions; make them stronger, more effective and incorruptible.

We cannot do justice to our attempt at proffering solution to our numerous problems without appreciating the efforts of various non-governmental organizations, activists and pressure groups in Somalia. However, it’s important that we appreciate that 95% of the problem in Somalia is as a result of greed and corruption in the system. Therefore to address the issue of corruption we need to reform our institutions and attitude through enforceable laws and acts of the Assemblies. Unfortunately, the States and National Assemblies in the country today are controlled by corrupt individuals who are there to protect themselves and their masters. Therefore, the first solution is a collective resolution to work towards ensuring that men and women to represent us at the State and National Assemblies have integrity and are committed to making good laws that will benefit the common man.

Most pessimists would not agree on the possibility of this change but quite honestly, the situation often reminds us of the story of David and Goliath. It is not how mighty these individuals who have stolen our resources are, but how tactical and practicable our approach at dealing with the situation. This leads us to highlighting on some of the actions we need to take:

  1. We must see the approach of these issues as a grass-root occupation, information and education exercise. We all must be committed to going back to our respective local government to educate our people on the need to vote credible people into the State and NationalAssemblies, men and women who will be bale to make good laws and defend the integrity and sanctity of our constitution as a nation.
  2. Somalis who are passionate about the development of the country, particularly the youths under the ages of 30-45 who cannot find a space within the existing political structure, can seize this opportunity to contest election into either the State or National Assembly. It is highly important for all individuals aspiring for either party or elective position to meet certain stringent conditions to assure and guarantee that such individuals will not on assumption into office do otherwise or enrich him/herself.
  3. We have a duty to protect the integrity of Somali Voice (SV) as such; we will ensure that individuals aspiring for either party or elective position sign this agreement to comply with terms and conditions of eligibility to contest election under the platform of the Somali VOICE. We strongly advise individuals who are interested in serving within this organization or seeking an elective position to carefully read the agreement.
  4. Aspirants contesting for an elective position will  be required to register as aspirants.

In conclusion, building stronger institutions in a country like Somalia requires commitment and sacrifices from all. We want to appeal to Somalis, in particular to our youths that the SV, SOMALI VOICE’s vision is committed to changing our decayed system. Our goal is to eradicate corruption which has brought poverty, unemployment and frustration to Somalis and our future leaders. We have never blamed the youths for their position and efforts at sustaining themselves within the corrupt system for the fact that we never have an alternative platform for our youths to achieve their dreams. The SV’s sole interest and motive is to provide opportunities for ALL Somalis regardless of their clan or ethnicity. More importantly, we are confident that the legislation and reformation we shall be proposing soon will provide employment opportunities to millions of our youths throughout the Federation. Now we can proudly say the youths have a platform to achieve their aims and we must all come together to make this change.

Who We Are

Our mission is to inspire, inform and involve citizens in the public arena on behalf of all, especially the vulnerable.

Our Goals:

  • => To inspire and motivate citizens about the genuine difference their involvement can make
  • => Assist our communities in re-establishing and sustaining education in many sectors and research centers
  • => To inform citizens about key issues and problems impacting the vulnerable
  • => To support active involvement in the public arena (politics, government, academia and the media)
  • => To provide opportunities for action on behalf of the vulnerable
  • => Practical protection now and long-term resolution to the root causes of the problems the vulnerable face
  • => To encourage individuals to multiply their impact by sharing their enthusiasm for the movement with others