Firstly we like to acknowledge efforts and initiatives of various civil societies, activists, and pressure groups for their individual and collective efforts at reforming the country. There is a need for all genuine Activists, pressure groups, and association to come together. There is need to articulate our vision and strategies with the view to collectively achieving a common goal.

We must appreciate that the weapon of elites against the masses is an economic weapon. This is part of the government’s deliberate attempt at weakening civil society groups and non-governmental organizations. The government of Somalia deprives us foreign aids or grants by setting up government bodies that deal with virtually all aspect of our activities and collect these aids or grants.

However, we can achieve our goal if we work together on a clear vision. There is the need for strategic planning, coordination, and grass-root mobilization. Experience has shown that electronic media are often hijacked by government and can easily be jeopardized by the deliberate total power failure in the area   of coverage. We would appreciate your involvement in our collective efforts at building stronger institutions in Somalia. You can get involved by:


To achieve our goal of building stronger institutions, we need the participation and membership of people at our wards, local government, and State. Membership is open to Somalis who are 16 years of age and above on or before the next general election.


The Somali Voice (SV) require coordinators for our various Wards, Local Government and States. We require that secretariats be opened for the purposes of regular meetings of members of SV. To become a coordinator at any of these levels, it is important that you are able to mobilize members of your community to a secretariat for regular meetings. The venue of the meeting must have SV flag flying. You will have to reproduce the flag from the website logo. The coordinator should keep a register of attendance at every meeting. We would appreciate if you could assist as coordinator in any of the following capacity:

  • Ward Coordinator
  • Local Government Coordinator
  • Federal Constituency Coordinator
  • Senatorial District Coordinator
  • State coordinator
  • Zonal coordinator
  • National coordinator

Who We Are

Our mission is to inspire, inform and involve citizens in the public arena on behalf of all, especially the vulnerable.

Our Goals:

  • => To inspire and motivate citizens about the genuine difference their involvement can make
  • => Assist our communities in re-establishing and sustaining education in many sectors and research centers
  • => To inform citizens about key issues and problems impacting the vulnerable
  • => To support active involvement in the public arena (politics, government, academia and the media)
  • => To provide opportunities for action on behalf of the vulnerable
  • => Practical protection now and long-term resolution to the root causes of the problems the vulnerable face
  • => To encourage individuals to multiply their impact by sharing their enthusiasm for the movement with others